IT Products to books stall for IT products please fill in details below with registration form.

Shell Scheme Exhibition Space (Minimum 3x3 SQ.METER)
Each stall includes : Rear and side walls , Carpet , One table ,Two Chairs, West Basket ,Electrical connection & Consumption (2kw) ,Two spotlights and face panel with company name. One Socket (220v), Two Exhibitor badges.

Stall Package:

  • A– Category : 9 (Square Meters) One Site Open (Box) Stall Rent US$ 3600
  • B –Category : 9 (Square Meters) Two Site Open (Corner) Stall Rent US$ 4050
  • Registration Fees and Visa processing charges per company (Non Refundable) US$ 500 (not include US Embassy fee charges)
  • Already visa holder Registration Fees Charges per company US$ 300
  • Visa request on company letterhead addressed to Visa Officer
  • Undertaking on Rs.100/- non-judicial stamp paper that company and individual will strictly abide visa rules & regulations
  • Copies of recent photo not-edited white background (hard & soft copies) 2x2 inches into 200 KB resolution
  • Copy of membership certificate from respective Chamber of Commerce
  • Copy of company's NTN & Sales Tax certificates
  • Copy of company's tax returns
  • Copy of CNIC (English translation)
  • Copy of original passport with six months validity and copies of first two pages of passport
  • Copy of property documents (If available)
  • Bank account statement for the last six months for both company & personal
  • Copy of B – Form of family
  • Copy of marriage certificate English translation (If applicable)
  • Return Air ticket
  • Hotel booking
  • October 5th, 2016 by Sea
  • November 15th, 2016 by Air


  • In any case exhibition management is not responsible for loss/damage and delayed arrival of goods
  • Each packing box should not be more than 25 kg
  • Packing box should be strong enough to withhold handling during transportation
  • Quarantine certificate from Govt. of Pakistan and import permit from USA Govt. for chemicals & food items
  • Packing list of each cargo clearly depicting dimensions and weight
  • Stall holders should avoid Form - "E" for export
  • Country Of Origin Should be inscribed on each products

This is our endeavor to take good care of you and assist & guide as and when you feel we can help for pick & drop, hotel booking, air ticketing and any other important matter relating to "Pak-Asia USA Trade Expo". Please feel free to contact organizers.

  • Companies are to deposit the participation fee by the deadline fixed by the organizers
  • Participants would submit their companies profile and the products & services offer
  • Companies are required to form an objective strategy and prepare marketing collateral for the event
  • In case of withdrawal by any company, space allotted and fee paid is forfeited
  • Companies are required to nominate representative for coordination with the organizers
  • Companies are not authorized to sublet the space/stall without prior approval
  • At least one relevant person should always be present on stall till closing time of the show
  • After the show is over, every participant company would submit a report. Failure to submit may lead to non consideration for next event
  • Organizers have the sole right to determine eligibility and award of the program

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