PAK TRADE EXPO-Almaty Kazakhstan

Almaty formerly known as Alma-Ata, is the largest city in Kazakhstan, with a population of above 2 millions  people, about 8% of the country's total population. It served as the capital of the Kazakh state in its various forms from 1929 to 1997, under the influence of the then Soviet Union and its appointees. Alma-Ata was the host city for a 1978 international conference on Primary Health Care where the Alma Ata Declaration was adopted, marking a paradigm shift in global public health.

“Pakistan Trade Expo-Almaty” Kazakhstan

Global Trade Fairs Organization is organizing Pakistan Trade Expo-Almaty Kazakhstan From July 20-29, 2018 at Atakent- Expo, 42 TimiryazevStr., Almaty Kazakhstan in  with Coordination Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) with Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI), Ministry of Commerce, Government of Pakistan along with all Chamber of Commerce of Pakistan and Board of Investment (BOI) Pakistan.

This Trade shows will be a showcase of following Pakistani products Brands from Pakistan.

  • Textile (all kinds)
  • Textile Garments (All kinds)
  • Textile Under Garments
  • Textile bedding & Comforts
  • Leather Garments & product
  • Leather Foot wear
  • Sports Goods
  • Towels
  • Gems and Jewelry
  • Carpets & Rugs
  • Kitchenware
  • Cutlery
  • Salt-Rock/Camel lamps
  • Wooden Furniture Handicrafts
  • Onyx & Marble
  • Brass handicrafts
  • Surgical & Beauty Instruments
  • Cosmetics Items
  • Food Items (Rice, lentils & Spices)
  • Prepackaged herbal & organic
  • Travel & Tourism, Etc.

Exhibition Space is 3m X 3m = 9 (SQ.MTR)
Rear and side walls, Carpet, One table, Two Chairs, Waste Basket, Electrical connection & Consumption (2kw), Two spotlights and face panel with the company name.

  • Socket (220v)
  • Two Exhibitor badges

Stall Package

  • 3m X 3m = 9 (SQ.MTR) Box Stall Rent US $ 2400/-
  • 3m X 3m = 9 (SQ.MTR) Corner Stall Rent US $ 2750/-

Expo Registration, processing & invitation from the Republic of Kazakhstan Government
with local company covering letter in Kazakhstan per representative US $150/-
(This does not include Kazakhstan Embassy fee charges)

Note : Two Representatives allowed for each company.

  • Visa Forms
  • Original Passport
  • Covering Letter on Company Letter Head
  • 3 Passport size photographs
  • NIC Copy
  • NTN Certificate
  • Bank Statement (last 6 months)
  • 30 Days Travel Insurance
  • Return Ticket
  • Medical Required by Embassy designated Center BLUE AREA ONLY (HIV & Chest X-ray Report..slip will be provided by embassy)
  • Original Invitation attested by Ministry of Kazakhstan / Hotel Booking Attested by Ministry of INTERIOR Directly fax to Embassy
  • Last Date of 1st Shipments June 05, 2018 (For Kazakhstan)
  • Last Date of 2nd Shipments June 27, 2018  (For Russia)
    Both Shipments door to door Pakistan to Kazakhstan (Almaty Expo Center)
    Note: Rate Per Kg depend on kind of products.Special Opportunity Subsidies from Global Trade Fairs Organization Subsidy 10% Amount of Total per kg value of each company consignment including fright + Custom duties+ custom Clearing, Pakistan to Kazakhstan

This is our endeavor to take the best care of all the valued participants, please feel free to contact us for all sort of assistance you may require like shipments, air tickets/hotel booking and pick/drop facilities.

It is mandatory for stall/space holders participating in"Pakistan Trade Expo” to comply with the following laid down instructions:

  • The booking is made against full payment in advance according to the stall/space requirements.
  • Payment will be Accepted Pay Order or Demand Draft or Fund Transfer by only in Favor name of Global Trade Fairs Organization(Pvt.)Ltd.(Payment will not be accepted any other name or in favor)
  • Once company is registered for participation, no claim whatsoever regarding withdrawal or no refund whatsoever will be entertained by the organizer.
  • Visa processing and invitation from Kazakhstan charges per representative (Non Refundable).
  • The organizers are not held responsible for any loss/damage in case of natural calamity or accident and no compensation in any form to exhibitors will be entertained.
  • In case of unforeseen circumstances beyond control, the participants shall not claim any compensation or expenses and have the right to ask for refund of rent (less 25% incidental charges).
  • All the stall/space holders will keep the place tidy and will strictly observe the global cleanliness
    and hygienic standards.
  • The Organization authorized for any reason can be change the exhibition dates.
  • No Exhibitor is allowed to exhibit goods outside the stall/space boundary.
  • The stalls/space allotted for refreshment sector will only be used for respective allotted products.
  • No Exhibitor is allowed to sublet its stall/space to any other party.
  • The exhibitors will neither display nor sell narcotics, explosives and contraband goods, The exhibitors will not indulge in any political, sectarian / ethnic activities or do any conflicting publicity termed prejudicial at public places.
  • The Exhibitors will arrange their own security of stalls and organizers will make general watch & ward arrangements.
  • The use of loudspeakers and calling someone in high pitch is not allowed in the exhibition.
  • The distribution of handbills and pamphlets is subject to the approval from the Exhibition Committee.
  • The Exhibitors will transport their goods to and from exhibition venue under their own arangements and expenses strictly during the time frame fixed by the organizers.
  • The decision of the Exhibition Committee regarding all administrative, financial, disciplinary matters and layout plan is final and legal binding for all the participants.

Manufacturers - Traders - Exporters - Exhibitors
(Please Fill And Submit The Registration Form)

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