New York Fashion Show 2019

Event Features

The largest international Fashion Event in the New York celebrating Fashion, Beauty, Music and Lifestyle with a crossover of international culture from Designers, Entertainers and Celebrities from around the world including: South & Central America, Pakistan & Indian Subcontinent. RED CARPET where Diplomats, New York’s Businessman, VIP’s, International Community’s Celebrities and Models will charm Red Carpet with huge local and international media presence. Hundreds of international media, jet-setters and fashion royalty to attend the shows. Substantial sum of money is spent on operational, marketing and production annually for New York Fashion Show 2019.

Event Statistics

  • Age range of attendees: 21 – 55
  • Number of Attendees: 1500+
  • Gender: Male and Female
  • Consumers: Fashion & Luxury Market
Participation Benefits
  • Top 10 Designers will be honored with GTFO Shield
  • All Designers will be awarded GTFO honored Certificates
  • Professional models, Make-up & Hair Style
  • Spacious backstage hair, makeup & styling room
  • Professional security personals
  • Designer’s Name/Logo Display during catwalk
  • Five Star Venue within the city
  • Media coverage in top international & local print media
  • Satellite event with top local & international TV coverage
  • High End Fashion Event
  • Designer logo on Red Carpet Wall
Exhibition Participation Costs

Fashion designers from Pakistan, and USA will show their collections on various stages. The show will attract hundreds of fashion industry professionals, buyers, merchandisers, designers and overseas sourcing professionals.

Fashion Show Designer’s Fee:

Designer’s Basic Core Fee: US $3400.00

Designer’s Options:

Grand Finale Opening : +US$ 950.00/-
Grand Finale Closing : +US$ 1050.00/-
Opening Slot : +US$ 550.00/-
Closing Slot : +US$ 850.00/-
Expo Registration
  • Expo Registration, processing per company (Non Refundable) US$ 500/- (This does not include USA Embassy fee charges)
  • Already visa holder Registration per company US$ 300/-

Note: Two Representatives are allowed for each company.

Documents Required

Required initial documents for Expo Registration:

  • Representative’s original passport copies.
  • Representative’s Copy of CNIC.
  • Copy of Company’s NTN.
  • Copy of Company Sales Tax Certificate. (If Available)
  • Copy of Company’s Tax Returns.
  • Copy of Membership Certificate from Chamber of Commerce.
  • Stall Rent Pay Order/Demand Draft/Fund Transfer in Favor of Global Trade Fairs Organization.
Cargo Shipping Dates
  • Soon To Announce


  • In any case exhibition management is not responsible for loss/damage and delayed arrival of goods.
  • Each packing box should not be more than 25 kg.
  • Packing box should be strong enough to withhold handling during transportation.
  • Quarantine certificate from Govt. of Pakistan and import permit from USA Govt. for chemicals & food items.
  • Packing list of each cargo clearly depicting dimensions and weight.
  • Stall holders should avoid Form – “E” for export.
  • Country Of Origin Should be inscribed on each products. (Made In Pakistan).
Complimentary Services

This is our endeavor to take good care of you and assist & guide as and when you feel we can help for pick & drop, hotel booking, air ticketing and any other important matter relating to “Pak Trade Expo USA-PAK “. Please feel free to contact organizers.

Terms & Conditions for Designer's:

Designer’s Participation in “New York Fashion Show 2019 ” terms and conditions to comply with the laid down conditions:

  • 100% Advance payment and contract as confirmation.
  • Payment mode will be in US Dollars converted to Pak Rupees
  • Additional Charges on discussion for Celebrity Show Stopper
  • Expo registration and processing per company charges (Non Refundable) US $500/-
  • Central located event venue, 20mi drive to city and airport
  • Professional support service with program
  • Designer’s would submit their company profile and portfolio.
  • Designer’s selection depends upon previous participation in different Fashion Shows
  • Companies are required to form an objective strategy and prepare marketing collateral for the event.
  • In case of withdrawal by any Designer, fee paid is forfeited.
  • Companies are not authorized to sublet the space without prior approval.