Pakistan Trade Expo - Ufa, Russia (2018)

Pakistan Trade Expo – Ufa, Russia (2018)

Opening Ceremony

The second Pakistani Ufa Industrial Exhibition in the Presidency of the Republic of Russia. Earlier, a similar exhibition took place August 18-27 in Kazan, the headquarters of the Russian Republic of Tatarstan. For the first time, 70-year-old Russia has been very important in Pakistan studies. Because such efforts were made many times in the past. This exhibition featured Pakistani Companies. The exhibition was chaired by Ruslan Mir Siyapov, chairman of the Republican State Committee on Foreign Economic Relations, and Azat Fazaliyev, president of the Republic’s Chamber of Commerce. The Chairman of the State Committee praised its workers for such a beautiful exhibition Expo organised by. Dr. Zahid Ali Khan, Vice President and Director of the Trading Trade Hose of Pakistan, is the Vice President and Director of the Global Trade Fairs Organization Pakistan. And Organizer Mohammad Shoaib, Chief Executive of Global Trade Fairs Organization Pakistan. He said such actions would enhance trade relations between the two countries. He added that trade delegations should be exchanged between the two countries and exhibitions should be held. The President of the Chamber of Commerce Azat Fazaliyev said that the Pakistan Federation intends to enhance relations with the Chamber of Commerce and the Chambers of Commerce of the provinces, adding that the items in the exhibition suggest that Pakistan is a developed country, And we want to expand our relations with this country
Dr. Zahid Ali Khan in Tatarstan emphasizing the importance of commercial development from Pakistan to other republics of Russia and Russia, Organizer Mohammad Shoaib, Chief Executive Global Trade Fairs Organization Pakistan thanked everyone and said that our whole effort is to get more and more businessmen from Pakistan to promote Pakistani products in Russia. We need government patronage, I hope that the companies coming from Pakistan will succeed from here and plan to organize a large scale exhibition in the future. He thanked the heads of the Republic of Bashkortistan for their cooperation.
Nearly 60 stalls of 28 Pakistani companies have been exhibited at the exhibition where furniture, garments, leather products, condiments, woden handicrafts, onyx marble, jewelry, herbal products, carpets, cosmetics and salt art have been placed.
The Russian people are taking great interest in Pakistani products and buying them by hand
Inaugurating the Industrial Exhibition, Pakistani artist Amjad Rana put on a spectacular performance on his famous Kendall Yoga dance and Pakistani national song, which gave the audience a good performance. In addition, Pakistan’s renowned Mujivan Munawar Khan showed his magic.

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