The highly specialized exposition showcasing vast range of consumer products Perfect opportunity for the Asian, American and other companies to exhibit and display their products and technology an international forum to build strategic relationship with the manufacturers, buyers, traders and investors. The consumer sector has always been the single largest sector where huge amount of investments are made by the industrialists, manufacturers. Importers and exporters. Global Trade Fairs Organization (GTFO) selected this venue with the aim of focusing the thriving American industrialists, businessmen, importers, traders and general consumers. These Trade Fairs will be showcase of following products from Pakistan with Asian Countries.

Textile(Home,Hospital& Hotel) Footwear Surgical & Beauty Instruments
Men,Ladies & Kids Wears Towels Cosmetics items
Garments(Woven & Kitted) Gems and jewelry PVC & PPRC Fittings construction
Home Appliances(Electrical Fan,Electric Pressure Cooker,etc) Carpets & Rugs Prepackaged Sweets & hallways
Fashion & Fabrics Cooking Instruments(Pots & Pans etc) Prepackaged herbal & organic
Textile Bridal Dress Cutlery Information Technology(I.T)
Textile bedding & Comforts Salt-Rock/Camel Lamps Travel & Tourism
Furniture(Antique,Office ,Kitchen,etc) Wooden Furniture Handicrafts Real Estate Boom(Special Package etc)
Under Garments Plastic home Usage items Prepacked cooked & semi-cooked
Sports Goods Onyx & Marble Food Items(Rice,Lintels,Spices)
Leather Products Brass handicrafts Seafood all kinds
Ceramics items Etc.