Exhibitors Profile

The exhibitors mainly from Asian countries Pakistan, China, India including South Africa, Turkey, Egypt and USA are manufacturers, traders, exporters, importers and promoters of latest consumer products:

Houston fashion Show

Trade Opportunity

Textiles Towels

Textile Bedding & Comforts

Textile HANDI Craft (Shawals, Wall Hangings etc.)

Leather Garments

Leather Shoes with Traditional Chappals (Kolapouri, Shahi etc.)

Textile Bridal Dress

Leather Ladies & Man Bags, Wallets , Belts, Pouch etc

Handmade Costume Fashion Jewelry

Woolen Carpets & Rugs

Wooden Furniture & Handicrafts

Onyx Marble Handicrafts

Brass Handicrafts

Salt-Rock/ Camel Lambs

Pre Packaged Spices, Lentils, Beans, & other Edibles

Pre Packaged Cooked & Semi-Cooked Foods

Pre Packaged Herbal & Organic Products

Pre Packaged Sweets & Halwas

Surgical Instruments

Leather Sports Goods

Cooking Instruments (Pots & Pans etc.)

Plastics Home Usage Items

PVC & PPRC Fittings Construction

Sports Goods

Textile Handicrafts

Information Technology (IT) Products